Michelle Greene is an author and speaker.

She helps women gain clarity, focus and follow through so they can ENJOY life now and move forward on their journey to being fab and fit during challenging times, also known as LIFE!

Weight, Weight, Go Away

Michelle has struggled with excess weight most of her adult life.

She can relate to the frustration, feelings of overwhelm revolving around diet and exercise.

Because of this, she has decided to once and for all release the unwanted weight.

Tame The Voice

Mrs. Greene realized the most challenging aspect of losing weight is to manage the negative voice in our heads telling us that our goals are impossible. She can help you adopt a new perspective to stop self sabotage and take action.

Michelle can help you adopt a new perspective so you can stop self sabotage, prioritize and take action.

Michelle is a longtime Connecticut resident and is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Samuel, the love of her life. They enjoy traveling the world together, learning about history, other cultures and having fun.



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1. I was born in Barbados, sometimes referred to as the Little England of the Caribbean

 2. My husband Sam was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut

 3. I adore the ocean, the river, the lake, basically I love being by the water

 4. I love trees, I feel like my deck is a tree house in the forest

 5. I played the flute in high school and won a music scholarship

 6. I was captain of the cheer leading squad

 7. I emigrated to Connecticut with my parents when I was 8 years old

 8. My first plane ride was on the now defunct, BWIA (British West Indian Airways), and referred to locally as ‘bee wee’

 9. We spent our honeymoon sailing the Caribbean on a 7 day cruise

10. I’ married my high school sweetheart and have been happily married for 24 years

11. I’ve bitten my nails most of my life, except for my wedding day, then I started biting again (I backslide occasionally)

12. I love DIY shows: I installed crown molding in our home and built a fireplace mantel

13. I’m 5’5 and weigh (nonya), ha ha, but I’m on my FFJ

14. I drive a 23 year old car and it’s still going strong (knock on wood)

15. I consider myself a luxurious Frugalista (I know, sounds like an oxymoron)

16. I’m a college dropout

17. I’m addicted to stuffed green olives, but I’m slowly recovering

18. I’m afraid of dogs and cats 🙁 {A True Scaredy Cat}

19. My favorite colors are fuchsia and purple

20. I once tinted my bed linens purple when I was a teenager

21. I’ve been a flight attendant for over 15 years

22. I’ve visited 31 countries

23. I had a terrifying case of claustrophobia while swimming in the underwater caves in Xel Ha Park in Mexico

24. I giggle when I get tired 🙂

25. I am the author of No More Big Buts available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

26. My dream is to live on on the water

27. I once had a wraparound skirt come untied when I was a legal secretary (awkward…)

28. I love watching The History Channel, H2, The Discovery Chanel, and TLC

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