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10 Cheap Ways to Fund Your Bucket List Trips

This is where the excerpts for the passport to fund your bucket list would go here, and this is like the copy for the post. And then I would create all the stuff here, and just a bit more so they can click over to the full page.

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The Art of Self Love

This is the core post, not using the builder. cut and paste and see about using regular cut and paste for speed and productivity.

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There’s Still Time To Lose Weight

Since it's  'Christmas in July', (just check any of the home shopping shows), I got to thinking about 2017. Time speeds up. And it seems that it goes by faster the more candles you have on your birthday cake. I'll be celebrating mine on the 31st of this month, so I'm...

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Excerpt: Chapter 7 – How To Get What You Want

elow is an excerpt from my book, No More Big Buts. This chapter gives you a glimpse about how habits contribute to helping you design a lifestyle you absolutely love. Step 6: Create Winning Habits It has been said that most people are only one or...

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Desperately Seeking Hope

[L]iving life on your terms starts with building self-discipline, which we all know is sometimes hard to do. Occasionally we drill ourselves in order to become successful with all the challenges abundant in our daily life. For this reason, it's an effort to build...

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An Innocent Faux Paus Most Air Travelers Make

[R]aymond had finally settled in on his flight from Miami to Los Angeles. He was reflecting on his good fortune less than an hour ago. The sky gods had smiled on him and changed his original seat assignment, a middle seat go far far away. He couldn’t stomach the...

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