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[L]iving life on your terms starts with building self-discipline, which we all know is sometimes hard to do. Occasionally we drill ourselves in order to become successful with all the challenges abundant in our daily life.

For this reason, it’s an effort to build self-discipline to live our best life.

When we entertain negative thoughts, it’s obvious that we may feel depressed.

Sitting around all day saying, I wish my life wasn’t this way or I wish I had more money doesn’t help.

When you say this to yourself, it seeps into your subconscious mind and begins a downward spiral.

It is critical that we feed our mind and body food to offset those negative thoughts we may occasionally have Click To TweetSelf-mastery over ‘THE VOICE WITHIN’ can help us to live the lifestyle we want and be the person we want to be by setting goals.

You can change the way you think by challenging your mind and taking the path of least resistance.

Create a list of each change you want to accomplish. Be focused and look for progress, not perfection.

Write your expectations down so that you can have a plan toward your goal.

Keep reminding yourself by believing that you can and will do anything you commit to.

Stay in control as you reprogram your brain to think positive rather than dwelling on negative thoughts.

You have to overpower the negative thoughts.

As you reach each intention (or goal), reward yourself by doing something special.

Celebrate Your Tiny Wins

Reinforce the positive voice that you can imagine your possibilities.

It is this positive self-image that is necessary to manage your life.

Find your hope by taking back the thoughts that rule your mind.

Don’t let the negative thoughts from external influences rob you of the abundance in all areas of life.