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[T]raveling, just like any activity in life can teach us many lessons to add harmony to our lives. In Part 1, I shared with you my 16 life lessons. Be sure to check them out. I’ll continue where I left off.

17. Take Action

You can read travel websites all day long about adventures you’d like to have and places you’d like to visit.

Until you actually commit and take out your credit card to book travel plans, you’ll miss out on the wonders our beautiful blue planet has in store for you to explore.

Taking action can sometimes be a scary endeavor.

You can’t just plan, wish and hope.

Get your butt in gear and make your travel plans a reality.

18. Cultivate Winning Habits

Virtually all of us have undesirable habits which keep us ‘locked up’ in an invisible prison.

If your habits are giving you the lifestyle you are worthy of, then continue to practice them.

If not, escape is POSSIBLE.

Our daily insignificant actions shape our destiny.

Place your habits on parole and rehabilitate them to give you the lifestyle you are worthy of.

19. Simplify

The more candles that get added to your birthday cake, you begin to see the beauty in simplifying your lifestyle.

In this context, I’m referring to removing the excess that no longer serve you.

This makes room in your life for people and things that are meaningful to you.

20. Everything Is Temporary

When you’re having a challenging experience, here’s a mantra that may serve you.

“Everything is Temporary”.

Once in a while, on super long flights, I’m tempted to pick up the interphone and ask the captain, ‘how much longer’ in my annoying whiny voice.

But guess what? It’s only temporary.

As flight attendants, we practically high-five each other during that much anticipated phase of the flight. INITIAL DESCENT!

That is our cue it’s time to start prepping the cabin for landing.

And just like anything you’re going through in life, both good and bad, remind yourself, everything is temporary.

21. Pay Attention To Your Intuition

Most people brush this off as being new age-y, or simply too woo – woo.

But more than likely, your gut feeling will not steer you wrong.

It’s when you go against it that things don’t turn out the way you wanted.

Maybe you had a gut feeling not to get in a taxi, or to leave a day early while on vacation.

Don’t discount this inner GPS. If you look back in your life, you’ll see there were times when you wished you had trusted your gut.

After all, hindsight is 20/20.

22. Cultivate Your Relationships

Relationships are the colorful threads that make up the fabric of our lives.

Those people who’ve had the best travel experience always commented on the people they’ve met that made it memorable.

The relationships you build with others on a day-to-day basis can impact how you travel through life.

Don’t dismiss them, they are key to a fulfilling life and can add joy to your life.

23. Desire Creates Suffering

This is a Buddhist principle that states that desire is the source of suffering.

I interpret this as wanting things to be the just the way we want them to be, not the way they really are.

For instance, people are very resistant to change.

They don’t want things to change because of a desire for them to remain exactly they are.

It is this desire that creates the suffering.

Accept there are things outside your control and make peace with it.

This can minimize some of the suffering you may encounter.

24. Self Discipline Is Key

Who else wants more self-discipline? I do, I do!

I believe a good dose of self-discipline can be beneficial in living your ideal lifestyle.

How many times do you abandon your diet by saying things like, “I’m on vacation”, or “I’m too tired to cook”.

You don’t need to throw all of your self-discipline out the window just because you’re away from home or too tired.

Self-discipline is doing what you KNOW you should do even when you don’t want to.

25. Forget The Past

Just because you had a bad airplane experience doesn’t mean you should avoid air travel altogether.

Things happen.

Accept it and move on.

Don’t live your life in the pages of your personal history.

The past has a way of haunting us, by providing historical data on previous events.

We see this information and it can cause us to do things as we’ve always done.

Doing this will only get you more of the same. Release the past, you can’t go back and make things right.

If you have a time machine, email me and I’ll be happy to go along with you. We can be time traveler best buds.

26. Pay The Price

Everything we want in life requires sacrifice.

Sometimes financially. Sometimes emotionally.

I like to think of sacrifice and making room for something better rather than thinking you have to give up something.

27. Make Decisions From Where You Want To Be

Most of us make decisions from the place or situation we’re currently in.

This can negatively limit pleasurable experiences.

Try this next time you have a big decision to make.

Make a decision based on where you want TO BE in the future, not where you currently are.

28. Everyone Wants To Feel Important

This is something I’ve learned regardless of where I travel to. Everyone wants to feel special.

We all wear an invisible tattoo on our foreheads with the inscription ‘make me feel important’.

When you treat someone with civility and respect, this can make their day. Everyone has a story.

Heavens know some days the story can have more drama than a Jerry Springer show.

Remember this when you interact with people.

You can’t lift someone up without lifting yourself up as well.

29. Health Matters

This is something that most people simply brush off.

Ask anyone who has broken a limb or been diagnosed with a serious disease and they’ll tell you their health is all they think about.

If you don’t have your health, it’s very difficult to enjoy travel of any type.

Treat your health like the precious gift it is.

Don’t wait for an unexpected medical diagnosis or an event such as a stroke or heart attack to appreciate your current health.

Every day brings a new opportunity to improve your health. Embrace it.

30. Put Yourself First

This concept may appear to some as being selfish.

However, if you want to change the world, you have to change your world first.

For those of you who pay attention to the safety demonstration, you hear that your flight attendants instruct you to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.

During our annual training, we are reminded to put on OUR oxygen mask first before we offer assistance to those on board.

We are taught to put ourselves FIRST before helping passengers.

If I’m passed out due to lack of oxygen, there’s no way I can assist my fellow flight attendants or passengers if they need it.

So follow our lead, put yourself first, so you can be of service to others.

31. Depart From The Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a warm, cozy and inviting place to live your life that is difficult to step away from.

This zone causes us to be reluctant to meet new people, discover new cities and countries, try new cuisines and hundreds of other things because it’s not familiar to us.

Taking just a few steps outside your area of comfort can open up a whole new world for you. Click To Tweet

Don’t allow your comfort zone prevent you from having the time of your life.

32. Money Is A Tool

Money is only good for the things that money is good for. Yup, read that sentence again. Money is basically a tool to exchange for things that matter and create value in your life.

Some people spend a good portion of their income on travel and it fulfills them. Others spend their income on a hobby and that too brings fulfillment.

Examine your life and notice the activities you enjoy.

You’ll see how money simply becomes an exchange, not something to be hoarded, but to be exchanged and shared with others.

33. You Never Stop Learning

Many people mistakenly believe their education ends on graduation day.

I think learning is a lifelong event.

Life, just like travel can be an exciting adventure once you release yourself from the invisible confines of your comfort zone.

You may be afraid, but remember life lesson #9, Fear Will Never Go Away.

So look fear in the eye, admit you’re afraid of the unknown, and be courageous to act despite you fear.


Travel is movement. Whether it involves an airplane, boat, train, automobile or your feet. You’re either moving ahead or falling behind.

There is no standing still.